Custom category data removed after updating Glyphs

It seems updating Glyphs removes custom Groups.plist file.
Before I backup the file, Glyphs removed it again. :frowning_face:
I need one or two days to make it again!

please do not remove it when it is updated.

Where did you have the groups.plist?

Something else must have happened. Glyphs does not delete files.

I always put that in “~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Info/”.
I already have the same symptom when I update it.

I am pretty sure it was not Glyphs that deleted the file. Unless… Can you reproduce it? Put the old app version in and update again, and if it deletes your plist, that would be a serious bug.

After testing it as your suggestion(v2.6 -> v2.6.1), I found the file is safe.
Ah, what happen to my file?
I’ll test it again when I have new update. If I have a same symptom I’ll let you know.

Thanks and so sorry about it.

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