Custom category reset to "Other"


In a project, the Glyphs file needed to have an “Emoji” category to organise better the character set so I set to True the storeCategory in each Glyph I wanted to be in this new category called “Emoji” but when I reopened the file this category is set again to “Other”. Is this a bug?


You can use the Cmd+Opt+i Dialog in font view to set the category. That should work fine.

I didn’t know about this dialog. Apparently it doesn’t allow customizing a category’s name, right?

Right. But then changing it with a script should work.

It did work for me yesterday but today when I reopened the file the category switched to “Other”.

The script looks like this:

f = Glyphs.font

for g in f.selection:
   g.storeCategory == True
   g.category = "Emoji"

You are not assigning the ‘storeCategory’, you compare it. Remove one equal sign and it will work.


Great, thanks Georg!