Custom Custom Parameter [sic] in Master

In build 1101 (perhaps this was already like this before) I saw that you cannot enter a custom name for a Custom Parameter in the Masters tab. I wrote a plugin which needs some values from a custom parameter (different values for each master), so I was about to put it there. But it’s not allowed to enter a custom name there.
Is this on purpose? Can this be changed? If not: Is there a better way, to store certain values for each master along with the glyphs file, which my plugin can read?

What’s the best way to get a lot of values into a CP?
In the example of the Filter CP, if you have a lot of glyphNames in the the include statement, it is really fiddly to work with it due to the too small edit text box.
2b) I’d love to be able to put a python dict (or at least a python list) as a parameter. I think it’s not possible at the moment and I’d have to parse the parameter by commas, semicolons or such. Right?

hmmmm …

I was wondering the same about per-Master Custom Parameters for my MasterGrid plugin. You can use userData on the master instead, but there is no readily availabe UI to show and edit it.

I can edit the parameter name to anything I like. Just don’t open the popup before you start typing.

You can put a dict in but that is terrible to edit by hand. I’ll think about a way to allow plugins to show a custom UI for editing the parameter. But that will probably have to wait for Glyphs 3.

If you only ever set the values from python, then use the userData. That is the point of it.

I was about to say that it still doesn’t work until I figured that you have to exactly hit the placeholder text. Feels a bit non-standard in terms of UX. But good to know that it still works. BTW: Why are the popup-inputs of a different kind in the masters and the instances tab?

A little popup like there already is for parameters like Keep Glyphs would be lovely. It’s just about having a little larger text edit box :slight_smile:

In this case: no, the plugin won’t write anything, the user will have to enter some values, and he might do this quite often. The values are somewhat similar to the metrics thing in the panel. So I want to provide easy access. Custom Parameter sounds like a good place to me.

You can provide an dialog from the context menu.

I know, but the values would be too hidden to the user. Not to my taste in this case. I go with the CP :slightly_smiling_face: