Custom font not displaying on Mac

Hi, I’m an iOS programmer and Glyph has me stumped. So here is what I am doing. I have a font called “Kohinoor Bangla” and it has the alphabets of the Bengali language. I am trying to use Glyph to break up each character into separate strokes. Example, I duplicated the letter ‘H’ 3 times for the 3 strokes. Then I would go into each of the copies of the letter ‘H’ and delete the stroke 2 and 3. Go into the second one and delete stroke 1 and 3. (I hope you get the idea.)

I gave the font a new name to differentiate it from the original font.
After exporting the font, I added it to my Font Book on the mac. Here is what has me stumped. I can view what I just created on TextEdit but it will show up as a diamond within a question mark on every other application.

I also noticed on the Glyphs app that there are certain characters in the “Kohinoor Bangla” font that behave the same way as my custom characters. They can be viewed on TextEdit but they appear as question marks everywhere else. And they do not have a unicode.

After noticing that, I added a unicode to my custom characters because they didn’t have a unicode either, like E001, E002, E003. and did another export of the font with a different name. This time my custom characters were viewable on OneNote as well as textedit. But they were still question marks everywhere else.

How is it the font is working on TextEdit but they don’t work anywhere else on the mac???

Maybe I am using Glyphs wrong. Thank you in advance for any tips and suggestions or a diagnosis. I spent about 14 hours trying to figure this out yesterday…

You need to make the extra glyph accessible somehow. One way is to use PUA codes but that is not recommended. Better to use OpenType features (stylistic alternates or character variants) or the technique shown in this tutorial