Custom glyph name vs. unicode

i’ve generated a new glyph: zero.ak an want to give it an unicode 0338. this is working.
but after reopening the file, my custom defined unicode is gone, just my custom name zero.ak remains.
same is with custom created glyphs like zero.sups, one.sups etc. and official unicodes like 2070, 00B9.

does glyphs only accept unicodes for glyphsapp-comatible glyph names?

Custom unicode for glyphs with dots in the name are not supported. Try to use uni0338 as the glyph name and then Menu > Font > update Glyph Info (in this case soliduslongoverlaycomb). Glyphs will then pick the right name automatically.

i’ve tried zero_sup (to keep the superiors with the other numbers in the overview). this did not worded out.

but uni0338 is working well (despite uni0338 is no longer connected with the other numerals).

For the superior figures, use either zerosuperior (with unicode) or zero.sups (without unicode). The underscore denotes a ligature between zero and sub (which does not exist).