Custom Glyph Order issue

I’m trying to use a custom glyph order. I added the custom parameter in the Font Info and also a filter to double check everything, but the app keeps adding categories like “Letter, Latin” or “Symbol” that mess with the order.
Is there a way to tell the custom glyph order to overwrite this category sorting? And know for sure this will be the glyph order for the export? I searched the forum but didn’t find a solution.
(I’m on 3.0.2 (3058)) [edit: I’m on 3.0.3 (3066) now]

You can verify the exported glyph order with the free tool FontTableViewer.

Thank you. I just tried it and it doesn’t take the custom parameter into account. The Glyph order in the otf is not correct, it’s the same as in the “All” view.

Can you show a screenshot how you set up the parameter? The parameter expects one name per line.

That’s what I did. I had the same problem with UFOs that I turned into Glyphs files, but this one is a brand new file created in the Glyphs 3.

Can you send me that file?

OK, just did

I the glyphs that show below the “Predefined Sorting” are not in the glyphOrder list.

OK I realized that, my bad. And the rest was due to using production names in my GlyphOrder (Euro ≠ euro).
Thank you for the quick answer!