Custom language disappeared?

Hello. I added a custom Groups.plist in Glyphs’ info folder for Pallava script, which was working before but now I’ve only got the default languages showing. I’ve tried re-adding the plist to that folder and restarting but it hasn’t worked. What else can I try?

[I think it’s a result of a system-cleanup utility: I know you don’t recommend those, and I had deselected Glyphs from its operations so I’m not sure what other files it’s touched.]

If the app starts, it should be fine. But maybe redownload it?
Maybe the file is damaged? Can you send it to me that I can check it?

I updated Glyphs to see if that solved it, but unfortunately not. I’ll send the plist.

Just done, sorry for the delay.

Just for the record, the plist had some stray characters that made it invalid.

Thanks Georg, yep I’m a halfwit :slight_smile: