Custom List

Are there any posibilites to save Custom List of glyphs and have it forever in Glyphs’ sidebar listed?

It is. Make a list filter from the bottom left button. Add all the glyph names, one in each line. Save it.

New documents might pick it up only if you restart Glyphs. This is a bug that is fixed in the upcoming update.


Is it possible to reorder the glyphs within the font view and get/export a customized encoding (or glyph list) that could be imported to Glyphs as a custom filter?

Custom encodings are not possible. What kind of encoding you would like to use? What would be the advantage of your custom order?

For a better control of the amount of glyphs you got in the font.
Useful for specific order of glyphs and how they will appear in a character map panel (In Design character map panel).
For example: group together glyphs with similar shape. For example: diacritics (uppercase, diacritics for small caps and lowercase diacritics), A and all its composites, B, C and all its composites …
For me it’s more easy to work organizing glyphs by their shape and a “certain” logical order.

Do you have an example of you encoding?

I’ve just sent them by email.