Custom Parameter Cursify does not work

This works:

This don’t:

Can I have the Cursify in the custom parameter in some way?



Thank you maestro!

You can get the filer string from the gear button in the Transformation filter.

It only produces this “Transformations;Slant:12;”

No matter if I use Cursify or not. So it does not seem to take the SlantCorrection or Origin at all.

I got this:

		Filter = "Transformations;OffsetX:250;OffsetY:180;ScaleX:74;ScaleY:74;Slant:-8;SlantCorrection:0;Origin:4;";

I don’t get the Slant Correction or Origin, rest seem to work. Not a cutting edge user.

Related question: Is there ANY way to apply this custom parameter to an instance, except for a few glyphs?

Kind of; ignore ring, dieresis, period etc.

Yes. Add an ignore:ring, dieresis, ... to the end of the filter string.

You add ...; exclude: x, y, z or ...; include: x, y, z at the end of the parameter string. See the Custom Parameters tutorial:

All built-in (and most third-party) filters accept an additional include: or exclude: parameter at the end of the line, followed by a comma-separated list of glyph names, e.g.:

Transformations; LSB:-20; RSB:+20; include:A,B,C

This example will decrease the left sidebearing by 20, and increase the right sidebearing by the same amount, effectively shifting the glyph to the left. But it will do so only for A, B and C.

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