Custom parameter “Filter” doesn’t work the same effect (The numerical value is different)

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Can you work the same effect that is different from only numerical value in the filter of custom parameter?

For example, I’d like to work for some characters, “RoundCorner=-20;1”, for other characters “RoundCorner=-10;1”.

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Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain you can’t stack Custom Parameter filters like this. However, if you were limited to just two filters, you may be able to get away with setting the first filter to:

PreFilter = "RoundCorner;-10;exclude:hira";

If you’re having to apply a lot of different roundnesses to corners, then you may want to explore implementing Corner Components.

No, that should work, but I am afraid you have to supply a comma-separated list of glyph names after exclude: and include:.

Thank you for suggesting an alternative plan.
But there are many intersections as separated elements, so I think that I should use the filter than corner components.

I have changed description in filter, but only one of the top filter [RoundCorner;-20;1;include:E] is applied. (Please refer to attached the screenshot)

Thanks for the report. I fixed it.


Thank you Georg, I confirmed that it was fixed!
Like a CJK Guide, I would like to define the range to apply the filter like [han] or [kana], could you it be implemented?

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Currently the include and exclude directives only take a comma-separated list of glyph names. You could write a script for automatically updating the list.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll try to that!

@mekkablue ? Is it possible to apply a filter (ie: noodler) to one path within a single glyph?

while i’m at it, would it be possible to apply a filter (intersect or subtract) to one (or more) path(s) in one glyph and another path in the glyph that immediately follows it?

oh gosh, and, would it be possible to have the noodler only run on a segment of a path? ie: from node 1 to node 6?

You mean on export? That is not possible. There is something that might help you coming in a future version.

ah, ok, thank you @GeorgSeifert

I am able to get the noodler working on export (in a variable font) which is pretty exciting (for me at least) and I was just wondering if I could somehow control it using the same filter/method.

…ps. I’m excited to see what you’re cooking up!

How do you do that?

oh, i guess i should have actually ‘got it working on export’ before i said i did. I do have it working in your OTVar player, but when I try to export it i keep getting ‘The operation couldn’t be completed. Instance is outside of the interpolation space: tight’

This issue has nothing to do with the filters but with your instance setup. Make sure all instances are inside the space defined by the masters.