Custom parameter "Import Font" fails for alternate glyphs (e.g. a.xx)

When using the Import Font parameter to link another file, the alternate glyphs in this linked file will be overwritten by the host one. For example, 2.glyphs has Import Font = 1.glyphs, and there are a and a.2 in 1.glyphs. When trying to create another a in 2.glyphs, it will be forbidden. However, when trying a.2, it will just overwrite the original a.2 in 1.glyphs.

It seems it’s due to that a.2 has no unicode, but I think every glyphs in the linked file should be kept no matter if it has unicode or not.

These are the example files (you may need to change the path in Import Font):

1.glyphs (14.9 KB)
2.glyphs (2.0 KB)

This is intended behaviors, only glyph that are not present in the host file will be imported.

a and a.2 are both NOT presented in the host file (2.glyphs), but only a.2 can be overwritten.

Works for me. There is an error message that doesn’t make much sense, but if you click “Replace”, it should work.

I can’t see anywhere I can find a “replace” bottom.

It might be we are speaking about different thing. Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do. Or make a screencast?

Now I will present the screenshots:

Creating glyph a will lead to an error message:

But creating a.2 it will just overwrite the original one, without any error or warning: