Custom Parameter “Instance Preview” Request

I like the new custom parameter “Instance Preview”.
What about an additional way to completely turn off the preview. Maybe by writing “off” instead of a glyphs list into the parameter …
(I am working with a lot of instances, each with many export filters. That results in a very slow instance handling.)

You could just add a single glyph like ‘space’. But in don’t think the preview is actually slow. Can you send me the file?

With this parameter it appears very clear that the length of the string influences the waiting time. After clicking an instance I sometimes have to wait more than a second after I can select or edit any value on the right side.
Adding a single “space” turns into “ AÁĂ”. But double space works.
I’ll send you the file.

Thanks for the file. I improved the performance a bit.

I see nothing (blank preview space) when trying to set some text as value of “Instance preview” :frowning:

Be aware that you need to place a “glyph list” and not a string.


instead of


While there is no glyph called “Hello!” the preview shows nothing.

(@GeorgSeifert This is not ideal yet …)

It makes sense, should have realised it myself…
thank you!