Custom parameter Remove Features doesn’t include kern

If I have added the kern feature manually (for instance for a Contextual Kerning Lookup), and I add the custom parameter Remove Features (and include the kern feature), it seems not to work. Is this correct? Is there a way to remove all features including the manually set kern feature?

That is the one thing you cannot remove (yet) with this parameter.

Fixed it.

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Are you sure? Still reporting error when generating (latest Glyphs 854).

It seems that an error occurs when custom parameter Remove Feature kern is in the font and parameter Remove Glyphs containing glyphs that are actually in the manually added kern feature.

Fixed it again.

Seems that in 856 it’s not working again.

It seems that it’s still not working. I’m using version 875. I have a Remove Feature kern parameter and a Remove Glyphs parameter. Remove Glyphs contains a glyph that is in the manually added kern feature.

fixed that.

It removes the entire kerning, right? What, if I just want to remove the manually added kerning?

That is an interesting question.