Custom parameter to rename Family name

I am trying to export an extra set of instances as the trial fonts.
I would like to add Trial to the family name for the trial fonts.
Is there a custom parameter that helps me do that?
I tried ‘fileName’ but that didn’t work in the way I expected it to

in other words, with one export I’d like to have 2 files like this
FamilyName Regular.otf
FamilyName Trial Regular.otf

The names are handled in the upper part of the instance settings in Glyphs 3.

I can’t get it to work
I used both Full Name and/or Font Name but with very little success.
Can you drive me through it?
As I was saying initially I just want to add Trial to the end of the family name

Yes, these names are confusing. Full Name and Font Name refer to specific entries in the name table.

To keep things simple, you better add the (Localized) Family Names property.

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super, that worked!

I am trying use the (Localized) Family Names custom parameter, to export different family names (ie: Rizoma L), but something is going wrong. Only the Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic are being grouped under Rizoma L, and other styles like Black and Black Italic are grouped under their own family name: Rizoma L Black, and they should also be just Rizoma L