Custom Parameters on Open Paths

I’m designing a stroke typeface (open paths) and I need it to have round corners but keep the ends of the stroke squared.
Is it possible?
Now I’m using: GlyphsFilterRoundCorner; 8; 1

Thank you

Disable “remove overlap” in the export dialog and add a “Filter:offset curve” parameter.

I already had the offsetCurve Filter… Tried disabling “remove overlap” but it changes nothing.
Have you seen my screenshot?

This cannot be done automatically as the rounding filter does not care which sharp corner you want to round (it just tries to round all sharp corners). Maybe rounding the path before applying the stroke thickness helps?

Tosche is right that rounding the path before the offset curve should work.

I’m trying to apply an offset curve as a custom parameter on an instance. The custom parameter only seems to be applied to the glyphs that have closed paths. The letters that have open paths are ignored by the filter.

Is it possible to apply the filter to open paths also?

You need to disable “Remove Overlap” in the export dialog

I’m not exporting the file, I just want to preview instances that have different custom parameters in the preview panel.

There is a plugin that shows Offset Curve Parameters:

I fixed that just yesterday. Will work with the next update. And Tia case it it better to use a ‘PreFilter’. This is always run before the remove overlap. But the preview will not work either.

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