Custom parameters that apply to all instances?

It would be very handy if I could specify “global” custom parameters that are applied to all instances on export.

In my current project, that would be “Scale to UPM” and “blueScale”, which are identical in all instances. I imagine there must be lots of cases where one wants the same custom parameter applied to all instances.

Defining them globally would make things easier to maintain, more convenient and helps avoiding mistakes (i.e. forgetting to update the custom parameter in all instances).

Couldn’t you just put these as custom parameters in the “Font” tab of the Font Info?

Thanks for the tip, that seems to be exactly the solution but not all parameters are available for the Font tab. For example, “blueScale” can be set but not “Scale to UPM”.

I can add more parameters to the Font. Any suggestions?
For now, you can copy paste parameters from one instance to another.