Custom shortcuts


Maybe its a suggestion or just a question for a script-work-around:

Is it possible to give a custom shortcut to a script?
It could be useful to set up custom-shortcuts (… like in adobe [again] :slight_smile: ).

There are many usefull ‘small-scripts’ that I use very often (f.e. Guidelines between two Points, Tunnify etc.) If I use this one after another I can use alt+cmd+R, but its a little bit tricky if I want to use scripts mixed up.

Alternatively: Is there a way to set a shortcut directly in the python code?


Shortcuts can be customised via System preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Applications. Anything that appears as a menu item can have a shortcut, including scripts.

No. I don’t know the actual reason but it is likely to cause conflict…

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There is no need for that script anymore (I will remove it from the script repository soon), as it is part of the normal app functionality since version 2.1: select two nodes, add guideline via the context menu.

cool, Thanks, both of you.