Custom Sidebar Entries in Font View

I think guidoferreyra means that nothing is displayed in the glyphs window when a a custom category is selected.

Yes, Languages entry works fine, Categories not.

Any news about this? Categories are not working for me, even with the @mekkablue sample code.

True, this still persists. I will write a proper bug report.

I’m working on it.

Hi Georg. Is this fixed?

The tutorial doesn’t appear to be fixed yet. I got the sample code working by removing an apparently extraneous

        subGroup = (

from between the “Letters” and the “Marks” sections.

Another issue is that I tried to search for enlightenment on this forum, and my search-fu failed. I only found this post when I started writing up my problem and solution, and was shown similar posts. Hopefully I understand it better having had to work it out myself, though. :smiley:

Could you upload your file? I can’t make it work.

The finished file is full of letters for various Celtic languages, so I’ve edited out most of it for clarity.

    languages = (
            name = "Celtic";
            icon = CelticTemplate;
            script = celtic;
            subGroup = (
                    name = "Letters";
                    coverage = (
                    name = "Marks";
                    coverage = (

Thanks! But my issue is with the Categories not the languages. Maybe I should report as a bug. @GeorgSeifert Where I can do it?

Best regards.

I’ll have a look.

This still not working right?

@GeorgSeifert Where can I report this as a bug? Custom Categories still not working.

To double check:

You mean Font View does not display the glyphs when the category is selected. Right? This is a bug indeed.

Creating glyphs with a right click, and listing which ones are still missing, those work for you too, right?

Perfectly described.

This took a while. I basically reimplemented in the whole sidebar and it should work properly now. It will even merge top level categories now. So if you have a ‘Latin’ entry, all its items will be in the existing Latin group.



I created my own entry for Languages using tutotrial “Custom Sidebar Entries…”. I have a question: Is it possible to have more then 1 custom entry for language? I was able to create only one “Slovak / Czech”, with multiple sub-groups (Slovak, Czech, Marks) but not multiple entries.


Of course, you simply need to have a second entry inside the languages={…} group.

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Thank you. I am not very familiar with scripting language so all my attempts were trials & errors but finally I got it! :slight_smile: