Custom Smart filer – uniwidth font

Hi All,
Does anybody know how to add a custom smart filter that would check if the width of a glyph is same in all masters and display the ones that are not? I find the syntax confusing.
///Note: I don’t want to work with =value in width, because of the workflow.

Thank you for any help!

Sidebar filters only work per master, if I’m not mistaken. Comparison between masters isn’t possible, if I’m not mistaken.

Should all glyphs have the same width or all layers of each glyph should be the same?

From what I understand, each layer per glyph should have the same width. Not all glyphs, though. It’s supposed to be a duplexed font.

You can use the Sync Metrics From Master (or something like that) custom parameter for the master(s) in question. This ensures that master of each glyph has the same width as the master you reference in the parameter.

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The sync metrics parameter is exactly what you need. It syncs the width of the layers and the kerning.

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That works really well. Although I have lot of intermediate layers so I have to look out for those. Thank you!

I fixed the syncing of brace layers. If you have a intermediate layer on the first master you will need to add a “link metrics” parameter to that master, too. It looks redundant …

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