Custom text input for kerning

I’m currently in the kerning stage of my font, however I’m having some difficulty adjusting the space between some letter combinations that do not appear alphabetically…i.e. I can’t figure out how to input sample text to edit. I searched it up online and found a video on vimeo explaining kerning, and in the app used by the video-maker there was a button in the top left that looked like a page with a small +, that when clicked added a new tab in which you could input sample text…however my version does not have this little button. Is there a way to do it? Thanks.

Sample text is accessible from Edit > Select Sample Text (Opt+Cmd+F). You can also customise sample text in the Preferences by directly editing there or copying & pasting the text from other applications. Is this what you are trying to do?

You can add text in every edit view. Just switch to the text tool and copy paste text. Or use the Cmd+opt+F dialog as Tosche suggested.

Oh wow I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out myself…so simple! Thanks!