Custom Version String not applying

3.0.4 (3099)

It adds “New Value” in name ID5 instead of the actual one that I added in font info (which was “Version 2.000” (cause I don’t want the autohint version appended to it).

Did you end the editing (by clicking somewhere else in the font info window).

Yep, I clicked out, close the font info window ans saved the font

Check if you have another parameter in the instances.

I don’t, but the versionsString parameter is added in the font info, not in the instance parameter.
It is really the most basic font. You can’t reproduce on your end?

Yes, it works for me. What version of Glyphs do you use?

3.0.4 (3099)

It’s okay we resolve it, main reason is that I am dumb, second reason was the conflict you suggested but I wasn’t seeing it. There was a VersionString parameter in the general font info and one in the custom parameters of font info.