Customise Master Icon

I would like to create a script, to hack the Master Icon. I am working on a font with a Slant axis, and the option to have an italic/slanted “n” for the slanted master’s Master Icon would be great (to help navigate more visually when switching between Masters).

I searched the Glyphs API/docs, and couldn’t find a reference or method to hook into this icon and customise it. Any suggestions?



You can just assign a glyph to be used as the icon.

Thanks Georg! Yup, familiar with this functionality. Just need more options:

Can I do this programmatically?

but picking the n-glyph as your master icon should give you what you want – a planed n-icon with the right weight. Or do you need the icon to be very different than the drawing of your n?

Oh! How does the icon know to be planed (confirming, does planed mean slanted?), does it pull this from the italic angle?

Regardless, for one of my slanted masters, I have selected “n” as the master icon glyph, and entered my italic angle. It still doesn’t show a slanted “n”. Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

Thanks for sticking with me, Georg!

I’m sorry, I’ve just now seen how this works. Specifying a Master Icon Glyph Name takes your actual design and puts it in the icon on the toolbar. That’s really handy, ignore my question now. Thank you Georg :pray:

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