Customizing Glyphs UI for video

Hey all, I want to try streaming some font design work in Glyphs. When I did a quick experiement of video capture, I found that the points and line segments in Glyphs look very faint in a video capture. (Screenshot below.)

Is there a way to make the points larger and the line segments thicker? I understand that the 1px thickness makes a lot of sense for most situations, but for streaming (and for visual accessibility) it would be nice to be able to customize the UI so everything is thicker and more visible.

You can use the “Thicker Outlines” plugin and increase the handle size in Preferences > Appearance.

That’s really helpful. Thank you! :smile:

I had to install Python 3.10 manually. Once it was installed, the Thicker Outlines plugin threw an error. The email from the error reporting UI got bounced as spam, but here’s the error that I experienced.

Please use the Glyphs-Python from the Plugin Manager (restart the app and select it preferences > Addons and restart again).

Or this: Scripts not working "Glyphs is not defined" - #5 by GeorgSeifert

Thank you! I wasn’t able to install Glyphs-Python from the Plugin Manager yesterday, but it worked today. Everything’s running now. :smile: