Cycle through fields in Palette plugins

I’m working on a Palette plugin with multiple EditText fields. When used as a script I’m able to cycle through fields using the Tab key, but not since I moved my code to the plugin Template. How can I do that?

Where is the view? In a dialog? vanilla or interface builder?

Yes, it’s vanilla:

def settings(self):
     self.w = Window((w, h)) = Group((0, 0, w, h)) = EditText( ( m, yPos, -(w/2)-(m/2), fh), placeholder="Left", sizeStyle="small") = EditText( ( (w/2)+(m/2), yPos, -m, fh), placeholder="Right", sizeStyle="small")
     #rest of UI
     self.dialog =

It might be the switching from one window to the other. Can you build the dialog fully in vanilla, skipping the self.dialog part?

I’m not sure how I should add my Group to the palette without the self.dialog part? But I think the issue is what you pointed out, because if I just my vanilla window from the plugin, the tab key is working.

I meant build the dialog fully in vanilla, including the OK and Cancel buttons.
Or build the UI in Xcode.

Wait, are we still talking about a Palette plugin?

Btw, this is related to that other topic.

I missed that.

You can try to set the nextResponder of the textfields manually. But that might only make a difference when the view is in the new window already.

Facing the same issue in a palette plugin with vanilla, could you please explain how to set nextResponder? I tried naively editText. nextResponder = nextEditText, but that of course doesn’t work.

I would try something like:

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One addition. The argument to setNextResponder needs to be myNextVanillaThingy. getNSTextField()


Thank you! I tried this, but it seems like setNextResponder_ doesn’t change anything:

from vanilla import EditText

a = EditText((10, 10, 10, 10))
b = EditText((10, 10, 10, 10))

print( a.getNSTextField().nextResponder.self )
a.getNSTextField().setNextResponder_( b.getNSTextField() )
print( a.getNSTextField().nextResponder.self )
print( b.getNSTextField() )

Print gives:

<VNSTextField: 0x7fd69f83ac00> # before setNextResponder_
<VNSTextField: 0x7fd69f83ac00> # after setNextResponder_
<VNSTextField: 0x7fd6eeaa8a00> # but this is expected after setNextResponder_

Am I getting it wrongly?

The views need to be in a window to be able to have a next responder. And the window is usually setting the view loop: Apple Developer Documentation

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Thaaanks! Made it work with


after all elements.