Cycle through stylistic sets

is there a way to cycle through stylistic sets without needing to use the wee popup at the bottom left? maybe there’s a plug-in, if not perhaps you could write one for my by teatime, if it’s no trouble (please do not allow the humorous element of this post to distract you from the seriousness of it)

There is a plugin in the Plugin Manager called Set Palette that allows you to quickly toggle stylistic sets.

many thanks Florian

I think something’s up with the relationship of numbers to check boxes


a gestalt nightmare

Which OS version are you on?

It looks like this for me on Catalina:

Workaround in the meantime: You can also click on the numbers rather than the checkboxes.

I was always wondering whether that native dropdown features menu could stay open as you turn features on and off, or is that an OS limitation forcing it to close every time?

The native popup button can’t stay open.

@alexs The pop-up menu closes when an item is selected, that is an OS limitation.

But you can use the floating feature palette for an alternative way to toggle OpenType features:

With both Vanilla (WindowPlugin ManagerModulesVanilla) and the mekkablue scripts (WindowPlugin ManagerScriptsmekkablue) installed, choose Script → mekkablue → Features → Floating Features.

Note that you need to restart Glyphs in case Vanilla or the mekkablue scripts were not already installed. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut in Glyphs → Preferences… → Shortcuts → Floating Features (search for “floating” in the search field to quickly find the menu item).

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