Cycling through glyphs in current view

Is there a way of with keyboard shortcuts go to the previous/next glyph that is shown in the font view tab? Right now pgup/pgdown go previous/next for the whole font, but I want that if I have for example, selected the Mac Roman filter that prev/next restricts to Mac Roman.Am I making sense? Sorry, haven´t had coffee yet.

I am afraid that is not possible, since the filter only applies to the Font View, not the Edit View.

Sort-of workaround: just select all MacRoman glyphs and open a new tab. That way, all of them are open at once. But going to the next one still requires the mouse. :frowning:

This is not correct. Just hold down the shift key.

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Brilliant! BTW, have I missed all these shortcuts in the manual, or are they undocumented?

This particular one is going to be in the upcoming edition of the handbook. :slight_smile: Going to be ready around Christmas.

That feel when there’s no PgUp/Down buttons on your wireless keyboard…

Eames, in my macbook its fn+arrow left/right for pgup/down

Oh thank you thank you thank you!

Is there a way to set a custom shortcut for this? Don’t know how since I don’t know what the menu item would be.

What about this one:

But that one is for the next glyph in the whole font. I was looking for the current functionality of shift+pgup/pgdwn, which whows the previous/next one in the current (filtered) font view

That is currently not possible out of the box. It could be added by a script.