Cyrillic & Latin locl feature

I noticed that in script cyr language TAT, it substitutes i with idotaccent. I think that’s for lat TAT.
Also, if I want to use a local variant glyph for multiple languages, is there a way to do it automatically now? Like de-cy.loclBGRMKDSRB (for Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian)?

Also my SRB shows up under script latn language SRB. I think there’s a general miscategorising of scripts and languages? Oh and I’m using 1240

In Serbia, we still use both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. There’s supposed to be Serbian Lat and Serbian Cyr. It seems it is our destiny to be thorn between the east and the west.

The problem is not that the Serbian language uses multiple systems, it’s rather that Glyphs fails to identify the alternate glyph’s script (de-cy.loclSRB substitution happens under script latn for example).
BTW I don’t think there’s any Serbian Latin alternate, right?

Oh, I didn’t get what you were saying, sorry. You’re right, no Latin alternate.

I’ll have a look.

Fixed it. Thanks



Why do you have sub d by d.loclSRB; there in latn? What is d.loclSRB?

For testing.

I was hoping it was some sort of a hack, to solve the issue of no support for Serbian language in Adobe apps.

Could you also check idotaccent substitution includes Latin Tatar, instead of Cyrillic Tatar? (that was happening too and I had to manually correct it) Also is the LanguageSystems also correct now?

Both is fixed now.