Dark (inverted) UI

Hey! Is there any chance to get the UI look like the one in the post below?

I am pretty sure it’s not a plain “Invert colors” in Accessibility OS settings as for instance the “eye” icon would be orange in that mode.


looks like it was post edit screenshot…you can change the edit view background color on Preferences

If you are wanting to actually work in that mode, why would you want to do that? There are going to be issues with guides and zones, for instance, as well as background images. You would get tired of it very quickly.

You can invert the screen in macos with the follow sequence

You may need to enable it first in System Preferences > Accessibility.

I had worked a while before with this by adjusting the colors Preferences of Glyphs Not the system;

Thanks. That still doesn’t make the glyph shapes white though, or am I missing something?

The System’s Accessibility shortcut does. See above.