Deactivate OT feature while other one is active

Hello, this is a rather basic question, I’m afraid, but I have simply never thought about this and can’t immediately find any solutions. Is there a way to deactivate another OT feature while another one is active?
Example: I want to have dlig deactivated while ss01 is active. Or, rather, the shapes from dlig not to appear while ss01 is active. Is this doable? Thanks a lot!

No, features cannot influence each other’s active state. You can rearrange features in such a way that they do not conflict. For example, move the ss01 feature before dlig and its rules will be performed before the dlig rules are performed.

Yes, this is what I did. Wasn’t sure whether this was indeed the most robust way to ensure this. Thanks!

Note that this does not apply to all features; some are processed before others depending on the software that is used to display the font. See the following discussion for details: