Deactivate Remove Overlap Filter


Is it possible to deactivate Remove Overlap Filter for a certain glyph?
I’m trying to export some webfonts with Glyphs Project but I’m getting this error.

I think the reason is because there are too many points on the same glyph and/or it’s a too large glyphs when exporting with 2048 UPM.

The problem is that Adobe’s Remove Overlap code (which is implemented here) can only handle point coordinates up to ±8191. You can try and break it into two glyphs, and have an OT Feature split a into a.firstHalf and a.secondHalf.

Yes, I know. That’s why I wanted to deactivate ‘Remove Overlap’ for 1 character or even for the entire font. In this case, it’s just a one weight font (the master) with just 30 characters, so I can remove overlap of everything directly on the file before export.

But I will also think about your suggestion.

You can add a “RemoveOverlap” filter to your instances and add excludeGlyphs:a to it. And then disable the Remove Overlap in the export dialog.

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That seems to work for otf. But there’s no ‘Remove Overlap’ button on webfonts export dialog (and glyphs project), right?

Yes. There is no option for that. I’ll see what I can do.

That is fixed in an upcoming version. For now please convert your OTF with an external tool.


Great! Thanks for the collaboration guys. :raised_hands:

Guys I’m trying this Remove Overlap filter in another project, but it’s not working as expected.
The remove overlap is ok, but it’s not excluding the glyph I want.
Maybe something is wrong in my parameter. Can you help me?


Did you uncheck the box in the export settings?
It should be exclude: and not excludeGlyphs:.

Thanks, I will try it tomorrow with just exclude: ! I want to exclude 2 glyphs. How exactly should I write it Georg? RemoveOverlap; exclude:percent perthousand; (any comma inside?)

I think it worked fine!