Deactivate spelling suggestions

I made a macro that shows a dialog with a text filed (for the glyph name). Whenever I press ESC then instead of equalling the cancel button, I get some spelling suggestions (i.e. regular words that do not have anything to do with my glyph names). This (mis)behaviour is new.

Ideally, I would like to deactivate these “spelling suggestions” altogether. I understand that this is a Mac OS feature but how to do so? Shouldn’t it be deactivated in Glyhps completely? I do not think users would benefit from spelling suggestions while working in Glyphs; we often operate with odd words or strings.

Are you using Vanilla to create the UI elements? I have the feeling that since 10.9.1, spelling suggestions are more frequent throughout the whole system.

It is not quite what you are looking for, but a different strategy for tackling this problem: Yanone’s loclnotlock Mac dictionary extension.

Yes, I am using Vanilla to create the dialogue. Is there a different way? I don’t mind using something else.

That loclnotlock is a nice one although it does not solve my problem here.

You can read about that here: r-nstextfield.html

Can you send me your script, I have a look at it.

I was asking because it doesn’t seem to happen in my Vanilla text fields. I will do some more testing. I assume you have the latest OS and glyphs beta?

Yes, OS X 10.9.1 with Glyphs 566.