Deactivating smart guides"?

How do I do that?

you can temporarily deactivate them if you hold down the ctrl key.

Thanks Georg, the thing that bugs me about this feature is that smooth curves as well as straights stop being smooth/straigth whenever I hit ctrl. I wish this would be a toggle on and off thing, and shift/alt would keep the lines constrained.

I’m still getting the smart guides when I draw in freehand? It’s distracting and at this point unnecessary when I have an outline in the background I am redrawing. for example. But in other situations they are very handy to have!

Why would you draw over a outline in the background? can’t you just copy paste it?

Agree, it’s easier to just toggle on/off the smart guide. Current implementation simply discourages freehand. This is especially annoying when I am designing a script face.

When I want to restructure (e.g. simplify) outlines, I put the original in the background. The background nodes can get annoying while I do it; in fact I have never considered them helpful.

I have no idea where all the snappers come from. This is clearly a bug.
What version of Glyphs do you have?
Can you send me the .glyphs file?

1.4.1 (543),


I am doing a specific exercise where I am redrawing existing Beziers. Sometimes it has to do with fixing bad truetype conversions where there are a huge excess of points, others for practice and learning.

Sure I’ll send you the .glyphs file now.

I figured out the snapper problem. Will fix it.

Will this be addressed in the latest 2.5 release? This is still an issue. The option to turn off smart guides would be much appreciated.