Decimal kerning values

I had to scale the whole font so some of the kerning values now are X.5 or even X.25.

Can this cause problems in apps? Is there some way to round the values, since I have 8,5k pairs across two masters. It would be time consuming to sift through them looking for decimal numbers.

I don’t think decimal kerning actually ends up in the OTF.
Simply saving, closing, and re-opening the file should round the kerning values in the Glyphs file already.

Have similar situation. Tried saving, closing, but kerning is still decimal. This happened after UPM rescaling and I need it rounded to whole numbers.

Try exporting the file as OTF, then open the result and check the kerning. It should be rounded.


Yes. Kerning is indeed rounded when exported. [smile]

Thanks, George.