Decimal values in Glyphs

Hi!, first time posting here.
So… Some weird numbers keep appearing in my typeface, at first I spotted them on the horizontal metrics, but then they started popping all over. The grid in info is set to 1:1.
I thought maybe it had to do with interpolation, but not only the values of the interpolated weight were weird, the drawn masters showed up these values as well and now I caught a few in another file, with other drawings (no connection between files)… This is weird, and I assume it will bring some issues ahead… also, it is driving me insane, because if I fix it manually then the drawing changes, and then nothing snaps to grid… and if I run scripts, I also have to check things manually, because position gets weird, and shapes as well… I don´t understand the source of this thing, so as to look for some answers
I saw this last week with Rainer (HI!), you checked out my files, and I thought it was finally solved, but I keep spotting these weird numbers… Here some snapshots, not of every glyph with problems, but to show decimal numbers are all over the place… :woman_shrugging:t4:

38%20PM 28%20PM 58%20PM 38%20PM

I looked in the forum, not much talk around this subject, any idea where should I search?

Thanks in advance,

Could you send me the file?

Sure, where to?

There are two different issues. Some glyphs have a not rounded width. That might have happened when interpolating or transforming. You need to go through all glyphs and fix this (in Text mode, you can use a spacing shortcut to add and remove a unit to the right side). Or write a script.

The .5 in some selection are happening in when the bounding box of the selection has an uneven height or width. Then the centre point will be on half a unit. This is not a problem and doesn’t need fixing.

Hi Georg, thanks for the quick reply.
Ok! I will try to write something to also use it on the other file I did not send you… what struck me when fixing was that metrics rounded, and then that difference went into the shape… and then fixed the with of the shape, and had to fix again the metrics, and that for a wile, so… what should I make Glyphs round first? because shapes I think I would like to check manually…

so this happens when interpolating, and also the masters change not only the interpolated instance made master?, ok, wow… good to know for the future, is there anyway to avoid it?

Thanks again! best,

No, the masters do not change through interpolation. There must have been a transformation at some point that did this to the masters. Most likely an interpolation or a Transform filter, etc.

Ok! good to know :slight_smile: I am on my way to fine tune the fixing, cheers and thanks!