Decompose bug

Selecting multiple components to decompose only breaks up one.

Version 1.4.5 (612) os x 10.10

True, it ignores the selection and only works on the component under the mouse. Thx for reporting, I filed a bug report.

In case you wanted to decompose all components in a glyph: choose Decompose Components from the Layers menu (G2: Glyph menu), Cmd-Shift-D.

Still only breaks up one component when more than one is selected. Could this be fixed?

Related: when adding components, I would expect the last-added component to be on a layer above previous components, but they seem to go behind. If add a new component whose paths are within another component, I cannot select it without moving the first component out the way.

EDIT: Seems also there’s a bug in undo when decomposing a composite that results in a reordering/realignment of components. Decomposing those is so far not undoable.

this is a known problem.

Related: selecting more than one guideline and clicking ‘make global’ only acts on one guideline.