Decomposing a scaled component resets corner scales

Found another tiny corner component bug, I believe.

A corner component as part of a glyph will scale fine when that glyph is itself used as a component. When you then decompose the scaled component glyph the corner gets decomposed not as in its scaled instance but in its original’s component’s measurements.

See this image:

Left to right:

  • corner component
  • corner component in /five with scaling corner scaling 110% 90%
  • /five scaled 45% 45% in /five.sub
  • decomposed /five.sub with the /five’s corner component at 110% 90%

What I’d expect, obviously, is the corner component to be in /five.sub at 45% of 110% and 45% of 90% after the decomposing.

Thanks also for all the recent updates and prompt fixes to components!

Fixed it.

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