Decomposing Pixels

Continuing the discussion from Pixel font creation:

I’m having the same problems mentioned here when making a pixel font. I tried reversing the paths and this made no difference and my typeface is too delicate to use larger pixels as components. I still get the pixels showing their edges on export as I believe I have too many components.

I’ve found on font view that I can decompose all of the glyphs’s components with one click, but for removing the overlap I still have to do it manually on each character and cannot do it from font view. If I don’t remove the overlap manually it still exports showing gaps between pixels.

Is it possible to do a mass remove overlap of all characters? Or as I’m using so many paths in the detailed pixel font it has to be manual.


Okay so weirdly after revisiting this problem immediately after I managed to get the remove overlap to work on all the characters. But it still only works after I decompose the components. Which isn’t a huge deal really but I still think it’s worth mentioning.

Removing overlap should be handle on export. Do you export as Truetype or OpenType?
Can you send me the font that I can try?