Default language


I just upgraded my OS to Mountain Lion… and Glyphs default language changed from French to English. How to work with a French localization?
Thanks! Jean-Claude

Is your default system language set to French? have a look at Glyphs preferences > Expert. Is the “Disable localization” set?

Thank you Georg!

Another problem. I placed a .png image. That one disappears when I reopen my file during another session. What did I wrong?

There can be only one image per glyph.

The .png is not saved in the .glyphs file, only its relative path. So if you move the .glyphs file or the .png, the link won’t work anymore.

Otherwise, make sure View > Show Image is on.

Hello Georg,

Strange! Without moving the .png image (glyphs_file and images being in the same folder), the background image does not appear when I reopen my file. But in the palette at the bottom, the name a.png appears, the image not. And show image is always on.

Is it a problem with Mountain Lion?

Not that I’d know. I’ll do some testing. Can you send me a sample file with one png? mekka at mekkablue dot com.