Default ligature

hi am working on an arabic font
when making a ligature and export font it be by activating open type
but I need to make it the main one without using open type so how can I , please???

Hi ! I think you just have to name differently your glyphs. Instead of “X_X”, maybe try “X_X.01” or something else without “_”… I am not sure !

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There are several Ligatur features. For you, the rlig feature might be the best choice.

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You can control it with the name of the ligature glyph. For instance, let’s say you have a ligature of heh and meem that is supposed to appear at the end of the word, you would call it:

  • _: The underscore connects the letters that are part of the ligature
  • -ar: script suffix for Arabic script
  • .fina: position at the end (other options: .init, .medi, .isol)
  • .rlig: the tag of the OpenType feature, in this case Required Ligatures

Then Glyphs can analyze the glyph name and will automatically create the following substitution in the Required Ligatures feature ‘rlig’:

sub heh-ar.medi meem-ar.fina by heh_meem-ar.fina.rlig;
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thanks alot it works

thanks alot