Define multiple stem weights for instances?


Let’s say I have two masters, each with three different vertical stem weights. Is there any way to define three stem weights for each of the instances? Is there a custom parameter for this?


If you define the stems in the masters, they will be interpolated for each instance.

Hey Georg, is there a way to override the interpolated stem values with pre-defined values? In other words, force the interpolation to use custom stem values for each instance.

What would you need this for? What is wrong with interpolating the values?

And three values seems pretty much. Are you sure you need all three values? How do you differentiate three vertical stems?

@mekkablue I meant to say extrapolate. I’m looking to extrapolate a thin weight from regular and bold masters. The thin weight will replace the regular master. I would like to manually define and override the extrapolated stem weights if possible — maybe with a custom parameter? There isn’t anything “wrong” with the extrapolated values, I just prefer to have more control for the sake of consistency. Mostly of a personal preference.

Also, I use the stem weight values from /h, /H, and /O

I have a feeling that you missunderstand the meaning of the standard stems. They have no influence on the interpolation but are used for hinting. So setting them for an instance will not change anything.

@GeorgSeifert You’re right, I did misunderstand. I thought the standard stem values influenced the interpolation/extrapolation output. So essentially the only values required for interpolating are the weight and width params — correct?

Thanks for clarifying that!