Delete all paths in background

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Anybody knows about a plugin to remove all paths in the background?

Thank you in advance!

you can do that by hitting cmg+J without any selection. Or do you need to do it for the whole font?

Thank you Georg!

Exactly, I need remove for the whole font. I got two Masters for doing the italics, all the glyphs in background have the Cursify from Transform Filter, and the main layer have an Slant angle from RMX Tuner, I did this to correct based on the comparison of both curves and to maintain the constrain angles. I try with the alignment from the buttons of panel and cmd+shift+A align but the curve lose it original form.

It would also help a plugin that automatically perform this task (constrain angles) retaining the original form.

I tend to get unsatisfactory results when using RMX slant, so I mostly rely on Cursify as a first step and place my own extremas.

Regardless, removing background on all glyphs sounds like an useful function.

Yes, I also realized that the Cursify option have better results than RMX Slant. I Will keep it in mind. Thanks!

Select all the glyphs in the Font Tab and as Georg says:
and voilà!

Thanks again!

the RMX slater is very helpful in changing the angle for 1° or 2° to stabilise it.

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Great tip Georg, thanks again!

Cool tip. It is quite creative usage of the Slanter. Cheers

So… Is there a script to clear at once all glyphs paths in the background?

Select all glyphs in Font view, and then hold down the Option key, and choose Paths > Clear Background.


Cheers :wink:

Humm, I don’t get that option in the Paths menu:

Ah, found it, why isn’t it on the default menu?

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Sorry, I forgot to mention you need to hold down the Option key. UPDATE: just occurred to me that I actually did mention the Option key there. Hrmph.

On the Mac, certain (less important) command variations are only shown in a menu when you hold down the Option key. Try that in the Finder, for example. Keeps the menu small and tidy, and in this case, it minimises the odds that you accidentally delete your backgrounds, the result of which may be invisible in the current view settings.

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Great tip about the Option key in each menu.

Sorry to revive this thread from obscurity, but I wonder if there’s a way to delete only paths and anchors from background—leaving components placed there for good reason intact.


What do you need this for? This seems to be a very special requirement and a script would be the best solution for it.

I agree, a script would be best—no need to clutter the UI.

The reason: maintenance of files, want to get rid of old fluff across the whole glyph set, but in some glyphs there is a component for comparison (comma/quotesinglbase, plus/multiply) to keep consistently sized.

I can do the script if you like. I was thinking of something that removes background junk from all layers (or selected) in the font to reduce file size.