Delete detached corner components

Is there a script that would do that for selected glyphs?

Not if you not write it :wink:
The criteria is if the originNode is set or not.

There is a mekkablue script that finds them for you.

Thanks, Georg :wink: Not sure I’m that smart (yet) tho.

I’ll wait until I face the issue again and then report here - a great amount of “hanging” corner components were left in multiple glyphs when I used Obfuscator plugin (not throught Filters). It seems that corners are detaching from the paths when you do something to the glyph - for example, send the path to background (in Font view).
I’ve noticed it before on background layers but it wasn’t an issue because it had no effect on interpolation.

Yes, Rainer, I used it to open a tab with all those problematic glyphs :slight_smile:
There is also your Remove components script that doesn’t work for corner or caps components even thought they are presented in the drop down list. Should it work or it is supposed to work for _part. components only?

The script will need an update then. Can you file an feature request in the GitHub repo issues? I should get around to it tomorrow.

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Will do! Thank you, Rainer!