Delete gauge tool for Glyphs performance

I just updated to the newest version (1125) and I’m getting a prompt I haven’t seen before about performance. I’m trying to delete the Gauge Tool as it recommends but can’t find where or how to (checked the plugin manager and it was not installed… even tried installing and removing then restarting app… also didn’t see in scripts folder). Any recommendations? Thanks!


Check the Plugins folder. You find it when you select Script menu > Show Script folder.

Ah, there it is… I had opened the scripts folder, but was only looking in that (didn’t notice the plugin folder was also there). Thanks.

Hi there,
Can’t figure out why Gauge Tool (Hey, amazing tool indeed!) is showing a question mark in the middle of the oval tool. It used to have 2 colors - not anymore.

This should be posted as Issue on Gauge Tool’s GitHub page:

Well, as this suggests fiddling with Terminal, I don’t even have the experience with code lines so I give up…

Creating an issue on GitHub does not require the Terminal.

Sure - my mistake