Delete Kerning Pairs Smaller than 'x' Script Error

I’m getting this error on 10.9.5, Glyphs (653) for the following script that I don’t understand?

I have adapted the Adjust Kerning in Master script to detect when a kerning pair is smaller than 'x' and delete it. Any help would be appreciated. I can do setKerningForPair as 0, but not remove:

Otherwise a feature to sort the kerning pairs by size would be useful?

you need to replace line 28–35 with this:

Sure, this is an old topic, but I’ll not create a new conversation about it.

This script gives me currently an unexpected result, as if I’m trying to delete (all) pairs with positive values, it will delete also pairs with negative values while negative-pairs-box is unchecked. Checkboxes have no effect, are they selected or not, just all pairs under current value will be removed. 33 26

Still for deleting all positive pairs, can I use Adjust kerning script where can multiple all positive pairs with zero.

Thanks for the bug report, I’ll upload an update in a minute.
Edit: should work now

Thanks, looks working now!