Delete Multiple Nodes


Is there a way to delete multiple nodes at once, but keep the shape?
The result of multi-single clicking with Erase Tool, but faster. Or maybe even a delete nodes brush?

That is not possible at the moment. But I’ll try to improve this.

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Is the function accessible in PyObjC? Then I could write a quick script.

Thanks for considering it. Would this be possible with a script that goes through each of the nodes and deletes it with the current Erase Tool functionality?

You don’t need PyObjC.


that is exactly PyObjC. It allows you to access an objectiveC method from python.

I added a new script to my GitHub repository:

Hi @mekkablue,

You have previously mentioned about the possibility to keep in sync Scripts hosted in GitHub (like yours) if we have a github account. I have one but I don’t know how to link my script folder with such GitHub repositories. Please, can you explain me that?



Do you get the same error when running the script from the menu?

You clone the repository, then place an alias to the cloned folder into your scripts folder. That’s it.

Yes to both. Error persists.

@Realist Which version of the app and OS are you running?

Which OS?
Which 2.1? 2.1.1 (778)?

Do you have .pyc files or a in your Scripts folder? Delete those and restart the app.

Hope this helps to figure this thing out.

I have the same setup and I cannot reproduce it.

It turns out I have a lonely file GlyphsApp.pyc file in Glyphs/Show Package Contents/Contents/Scripts
However, when I try to delete it Glyphs cannot start.

This is curious because I was looking for this at the wrong place namely Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts.

I am still wondering how to get past that attribute error I mentioned earlier.

Leave the package contents of the app alone. Changing anything in there will break the app. Delete those files only in Application Support. What do you mean by ‘wrong place’?

It was mentioned in a few threads that and *.pyc files were creating troubles, so I was curious to find a .pyc file in the place I mentioned. So in the end /Application Support is the place to go. As for breaking the app, that is exactly what happens, but it wasn’t so bad since it was an easy restore.

I actually learned some Python, but still couldn’t figure out the issue with that attribute error.

– The error in question –

thisPath.removeNodeCheckKeepShape_( thisNode )
AttributeError: ‘objc.native_selector’ object has no attribute ‘removeNodeCheckKeepShape_’

Did you select a node before running the script?

find the place where the thisPath variable is assigned. There you find the error.