Delete Nodes and Try to Keep Shape plugin is not working?

No errors, no warnings, nothing. It just does nothing to the selected path.
@mekkablue Rainer, can you take a look into this?

I’ve tried using SuperTool to simplify path but it adds BCPs to all path segments - that brakes the shape completely. :frowning:

It should do the same as individually selecting one node after another and pressing Delete. I will look into it and try to fix it.

Just for reference: for the scripts, it is better to open an ‘issue’ on GitHub directly. I tend to lose track of stuff reported in different channels, especially if I don’t have time to fix it right away.

Sounds good, next time will open an issue on GitHub.
(will duplicate this one on GitHub - just to make sure you don’t forget :slight_smile: )

Thank you, Rainer!

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