Deleting a Class or a Feature should bring a confirmation dialog

Many times i switch to the Features window and look at a line of code that is selected already and i press Delete, to find that the Feature itself got deleted from the sidebar (it is hard to tell what was focused, the feature or the code) We should get a confirmation dialog before deleting a Class or a Feature.

Today i was shocked to find that RLIG was not in my latest version of the font that i was working on! I kept downloading the previous versions from DropBox and it was not even in the last 10 Saved versions of the font! I found RLIG in an older version from the day before yesterday, and i had to clean-up many stuff… It wasn’t cool :expressionless: But i thank Allah for recovering it.

I don’t know how did i miss this, but a confirmation might have stopped me from deleting it by mistake.

I lost both RLIG and CALT from the sidebar again, this is really bad :frowning:

This might actually be a BUG, that the sidebar isn’t showing RLIG and CALT, i think so because that last exported OTF file with working RLIG and CALT was created the same minute of the last saved file i have in Dropbox, both created and saved at 5:55pm

This is implemented in the latest cutting edge version.

@GeorgSeifert How can i recover my lost code now! I only see OLD RLIG/CALT in yesterday’s version, while i worked on it in today’s version… Strange stuff

It does not show in any of today’s versions

CALT shows in 1st tab, but not in the list, RLIG not showing anywhere… RLIG was just above CALT in the sidebar… before disappearing…

RLIG and CALT were not generated automatically, but so are KERN and ss19

I am convinced it is a Bug, and worried that if i take few hours to figure the missing code and re-write it (Painful) it will disappear again few minutes after that!

The feature missing from the aalt feature is not a problem. The one in the sidebar is important.