Deleting a duplicate glyph

hi, this situation’s a little weird. i’m updating an old family made before the euro was widely used. :slight_smile: the older version of the face has a glyph named “Euro,” which glyphs didn’t seem to recognize as an actual euro. i generated the missing glyph to see if that would do the trick. unfortunately, now i have two euro glyphs.

one is showing no paths in the full font window, but actually contains the paths for both masters (two weights). the other shows the paths in preview, and also in editing mode. both carry the same unicode designation (20AC).

i need to delete one of these glyphs but can’t figure out how. suggestions?

Please delete the glyph that you want to keep as it shows up in the font view. The edit view might get confused when there are more then one glyph with the same unicode.

that’s where i’m getting stuck – i can’t figure out how to delete one of them from font view. is there a delete command somewhere i’m just not seeing?

There is a remove button in the lower left corner or use the shortcut cmd+delete (like in Finder).

I just added a Menu item “Remove Glyph”.

There is a remove button in the lower left corner

so there is. i didn’t even see it. thanks.