Deleting exports has glitches

  • Open a file with a large number of masters (?) and exports.
  • Delete the first five exports. This works.
  • Delete all except the first export. This fails. Instead, it deletes only the first export but not the others.

Sorry, I can’t send the file in question as it is not mine.

After playing around a bit more, I found out that the second step above is not necessary to cause the problem. Just deleting a bunch of exports (at the end of the list) fails.

One thing I noticed: If I select the exports immediately after opening the Font Info and then wait for a few seconds then they get deselected. After this, I can delete them without problems.

So, maybe the conclusion is that something is running in the background that shouldn’t (i.e. something that should block the UI until finished)?

That sounds like an issue I had and reported a long time ago. At some point it used to be fixed. Maybe it is back in one way or another now.