Deleting more than one node at a time

Something I’ve also been meaning to mention for ages. When deleting nodes on a curve, Glyphs tries to preserve the shape of the existing curve. But if deleting more than one node (on different curves), this doesn’t happen:

Moving the start point makes no difference.

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Yes, I wrote a script for that. mekkablue scripts > Paths > Delete Nodes and Try to Keep Shape. When I need this a lot, I assign a keyboard shortcut.

@Tosche has a similar script you may want to look into, Path > Delete Diagonal Nodes Between Extremes.

I see. Why isn’t this default behaviour? I don’t think anyone would want the curves to be distorted.

the algorithm that tries to recaluclat the shape can explode if you delete some nodes in a row and back when I looked at that the last time, I didn’t figure it out. I need to have another look at it to see if I can improve that, now.

Except mine was intended for cleaning TTF sources, and it tries to delete them everywhere in your glyph.

What my script does: It just applies the single-node-removal one after another. Of course you can still get funny shapes if you overdo it.

I think this feature is worth some exploration on your side. Who wants their users frustrated?